What an awesome couple of days. 

On Tuesday we all met at Cathedral for food packing day. Abigail's light shined as she guided the crew through the day. Each girl got to bag some of the food that we are taking on the trip and everyone had a great time doing it. Thank you to the Hobday's for supplying us with a lunch from Noodles and Company, it was greatly appreciated! Lunch was a much needed break from the indoors and it was nice to go outside and relax. 

Wednesday was beef jerky day. All of the first session crews met at the Trigg's house and carved out all their beef jerky for the trip. The morning went by efficiently and very smoothly. Thanks to the Senchea family for bringing us some great Jimmy John's for lunch! It was an awesome ending to the morning. After that was over, the girls went right to the dehydrator to put the jerky on. They had a great time loading the trays, and hopefully after they all took a nap. 

After that we had our crew sleepover at basecamp! The night consisted of practicing the kettle pack, tying knots, tie dye, and lots of fun. The girls shared many laughs and great times together. We woke up at 5 this morning to go on a nice paddle before the day really started. As we were paddling out, the sun was rising and mist was coming off the water. It was a beautiful start to the morning. After that was over, the girls went to the dehydrator again to put more jerky on.

Only 10 days until the trip of a lifetime :)