It's me again :)

Just wanted to update everyone on how awesome our last couple meetings have been. Not only have we conquered baking day, paddled, and learned about the kettle pack, but we also finished our route! All of these things are adding up to be awesome experiences for everyone :)

To begin, we had our baking day yesterday. While there, we made our Bannock mix, Hot Chocolate Mix, baked our meat, and made our Hudson Bay Bread. It was a day filled with laughter and memories, and each girl was able to contribute their own individual skills that day! Thank you again to the Kosloski's for hosting, it is so appreciated. It was the perfect place to have our baking day!

Today we learned about the kettle pack and paddled some more. The kettle pack is our "kitchen" on trail. We keep all of our utensils and other necessities in that pack, and some would say it is the hardest to fit everything into. The girls packed a very impressive kettle pack on the first try, and it was great to see them all working together. 

Last but not least, we started and FINISHED our route. We have so many exciting things happening that it's hard to name them all! We are doing many hard portages, with a 5 kilometer bush crash that no one has ever done before. Each girl is ready for the challenge ahead and it is awesome seeing everyone so excited about it. We are also going to Fourth of July Falls and many other adventurous places. It was awesome to have everything figured out and have Fred look over our route. Our trip is really coming together and the girls are at the center of it.

Only 13 days until we are paddling into the Canadian Sunrise :)