Hello for the last time!

What a crazy last week this has been! So many different preparations have happened and the excitement has continued to build. We leave TOMORROW and the adventure is calling our names!

Since crew olympics, the girls have been kept very busy with Voyageur tasks. To begin, this past week we learned about whitewater and how to shoot it. This was done in a classroom setting at basecamp and everyone really got to understanding the different skills they would need to perfect before we shot some rapids.

The next couple meetings were a whirlwind. The girls learned how to orient a map and how to get from one place to another without getting lost (which is sometimes referred to as "bush-crashing"). These skills will be really important going into the trip because the girls have chosen a difficult route with some great portages. 

The next two days were packing days. We started the first day off with ditty bag day at the Z2 factory. The girls had an awesome time learning how to sew their own ditty bags and had a lot of help from many people there. Thank you SO much to everyone who helped make that day possible, it went so smoothly and it wouldn't have been as great without you! After that, the Gans family was nice enough to let us use their house for the packing days, and I am so grateful! Our food and personal packs were loaded at their house with all of the necessities for the next 28 days. We also packed our resupply boxes and care packages. The excitement really set in when the packs were packed and everything was in my truck--this is really happening! 

The next day we cleaned out the dehydrator and the bus we will be taking up to Canada. The dehydrator was spotless and the Stiegel's house was cleaned, thank you to them for letting us use their space as well. 

Today we loaded all our packs and boxes onto the bus. We got that done in record time and now the girls are spending time with friends and family. I am so thankful for this summer and our incredible crew, this trip is going to be one for the books. 

Only 1 sleep until we are waving goodbye for 28 days!

For the last time and with lots of love,