Hello again! 

We had an awesome meeting the other day! Instead of meeting at basecamp like normal, we went out to Leah's house and started our dehydrator up! Our crew needs a lot of food dehydrated for our adventure ahead and it was awesome to start so soon! We have had pineapples and peaches on the dehydrator so far!

Along with that meeting, I also gave out the rest of the equipment that everyone ordered. It was like Christmas in the middle of May! Everyone was very excited to get their personal equipment and it made that meeting so much more exciting. 

We also had our parent meeting out at basecamp last night. It was great to finally meet everyone and to really start talking with all the parents! I would like to thank everyone so much for being so generous with their time, talent, and space. It's wonderful to have such support from so many individuals.

Only 17 days until we're having the best summer adventure :)