Same day new blog post!

Today was another awesome day! All the girls who came had an awesome time setting up tarps and paddling for the second night in a row :)

To begin we had an incredible time setting up tarps for the first time! We finally learned all the knots to set up the perfect tarp. Every girl figured out all of the different aspects of a tarp and why we use them on trail. We raced against a "big storm" to practice setting up a tarp in some gusting wind. It was an awesome time trying to battle against time and the weather!

After that, we decided to go on a paddle. For some girls, this was the second night in a row, but for others, it was their first time in a canoe. They all had a terrific time and really impressed me with their different strokes and how to stay in a straight line. I was so proud by the end of the night!

I've had a great last couple of days and I cannot wait to continue to prepare for trail!

Only 23 days until we are putting up our tarps in Canada :)