Hello again :)

Last night was an incredible meeting! All the girls that were present last night had a really great time and improved lots of skills. 

At the beginning of the meeting we reviewed knots. After we mastered tying the square knot, double half hitch, and taught line, we added the bowline into the mix. Each of these knots are essential parts of setting up a tarp and it was great to see the energy everyone had while forming each knot! 

After we had reviewed completely, we went out and paddled for the first time! I had originally planned paddling for tonight but since the forecast said thunderstorms, I thought we would dip our paddles in Wednesday! The girls all excelled at paddling for the first time, and it was some girls first time even in a canoe! It was an awesome time, and I hoped it made everyone as excited for the adventure ahead as it made me :)

I'll see everyone tonight!

Only 23 days until we explore a land untouched by man!! :)