Hello Again!

To begin, I would like to thank the Van Erps for volunteering to be our crew coordinators. They have already helped with their time, skills, and friendly nature to make this trip better for everyone. With their help, we've gotten our parent meeting planned! At 8 pm on May 29th each parent should be at basecamp for an informational meeting about the summer ahead. This is a great opportunity to bring all the questions you have for me!

I would also like to thank everyone that came out to wood clearing day. It's a significant day every year for the Les Voyageur's program. Basecamp looks awesome and so does the surrounding woods!

We were a VERY busy crew last night! The girls were very ready to start planning food for our adventure. This meeting was very important. We figured out every meal and ingredient we wanted to bring with us for our expedition. Abigail was our menu and food manager, and she did a fantastic job with the menu sheet and keeping everyone on task! 

After that, the girls learned some awesome knots. The square knot, the double half hitch, and the taught line are all things that we will use almost daily on trail. Each and every girl at the meeting was able to excel at this skill and I was so impressed with their enthusiasm to learn about these knots! 

ONLY 25 days until the bus pulls away for the adventure of a lifetime. :) 

Your favorite,