Hello again!

What a night! This crew continues to impress me during every meeting we have together, I couldn't be more proud of them! :-D

The very first thing we did at basecamp this evening was sand paddles. We need to make sure paddles are ready to be painted by some awesome artists, and sanding is the first step. Each girl is responsible for their own paddle sanding and painting, and it's an exciting way to express yourself through artwork throughout the trip. The girls should be coming up with some pretty spectacular ideas for their paddle art!

The second thing we did during this meeting was learn how to flip canoes. It was awesome to see how persistent everyone was and how hard everyone worked during this activity. Each and every girl got the canoe (Or Tina, as some would call her) on their shoulders, it was so impressive! The technique used to flip canoes is a very valuable skill during the time we will spend in Canada, and every crew member was able to start perfecting that skill tonight. Not many people really know how to portage a canoe, and it is a very impressive ability to possess! The enthusiasm everyone showed was great, especially in support of each other during the flipping process.

One last thing we did at the meeting tonight was help Fred with some work that he needed done. The girls had to bring a trailer to Fred's house and help unload the chairs from inside, and then roll it back to basecamp. It might seem like a small task, but there was so much teamwork going on throughout the whole process that it needed to be mentioned. Every girl on the trip is a contributing and valuable asset to the crew, and that was very obvious throughout the different activities we did tonight. 

Parents: I thank you again for letting me spend so much time with your girls. It is a great experience for everyone involved, and I hope this blog continues to help keep you in the loop. Just as I said in my previous post, I would love to answer any and ALL questions you have about the adventure ahead. Do not hesitate to call! --(320)-293-4823--

45 days until we are paddling across the cool Canadian waters :-) 

Excitedly and Enthusiastically,