Hello again! 

What a great meeting we had last night! 

The very first thing that happened when everyone arrived at basecamp was a portage. Portaging is a very important skill to possess during training and our 28 day adventure, and each girl is working on perfecting this skill. It was great to watch everyone cheer each other on as they took their first big steps with the canoe! 

After that, all the girls learned some paddle strokes. We didn't go into the water because it is better to learn on land and perfect that skill before you even step foot in a canoe. We practiced the power stroke, the J-stroke, and the draw. The power stroke is to move the canoe forward, the J-stroke is to turn the canoe so that it stays in a straight line, and the draw is to move the canoe quickly sideways in case of something ahead. Everyone will be able to perform each of these maneuvers before we leave for Canada! This activity made me SO excited for getting in the water and paddling.

After that, we made a dessert that we will be bringing on trail. Oreo no-bake is consistently a favorite of many, so I decided the girls might want to try it! We sat in a circle and chatted about the upcoming trip, each other's days, and really just got to know each other. We are becoming closer after each meeting we have, and its so awesome to watch and be a part of. 

Thank you for everything, I am so excited for our next meeting and what is to come!

Only 37 days until we are enjoying the simplicity in Canada :-)