What a busy meeting! Our crew did so much today. There were so many things accomplished, and I am a very proud guide! 

The first thing that happened when we got to basecamp was a tour. It will be our crew's second home this summer, and it was exciting for many of them to see all of the wonderful things that basecamp holds for the first time! We went down to the river and looked at where we will soon be practicing paddling and different canoe maneuvers. The view from basecamp is lovely and the water is almost warm enough (almost is the key word) to go into!

The next thing that the girls did was the map activity. I gave the crew a big pile of maps for the summer, and they went to work at organizing them. Without my help, they were able to put everything in order and place all the maps together within a very short amount of time. We then looked at different places we might want to go this summer, and different portages we will conquer. It was awesome to see the teamwork that took place and all of their great ideas on how to organize the maps. Each and every girl on the trip brings so much to our crew, I am so eager to get to know all of them more as the summer goes on!

After that, we went over equipment and order forms. Since everything is due relatively soon, the girls got to try on the different sizes of rain gear and other necessities for the trip. Please have everything turned in either on an Excel Spreadsheet or a Google Docs form by May 4th! 

Along with all of these things, all the girls got their pre-trip jobs! Each job is a valuable part of how Les Voyageurs works, and I'm excited to work closely with everyone in their respective positions :)  

Parents: Thank you so much for letting me spend so much time with your girls. Each one is unique and a very important part of our crew. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, never hesitate to call/text me! 

My number: (320)-293-4823


Only 52 more days until we are basking in the Canadian sunshine!

Your Guide,