We are on the tail end of a very busy week! On Tuesday we had beef jerky day, which involved the entirety of all the Voyageur crews meeting cut our beef jerky. We receive large amounts of meat which we had to cut into small chunks and remove the fat. This is a long process that can get monotonous at times, but the crew pushed through, and we were able to end the day early, and we went straight to the dehydrator site to put the meat on the dehydrator to become jerky. 

After a day off on Wednesday, we came to today, which was Food Packing Day. The crew gathered at Cathedral (sporting some fun, wacky, clothes according to the tradition of Food Packing Day) and we packed all of our food into small, medium, and large plastic bags. This involved removing food from its original packaging and transferring it to bags that we know aren't going to break or emit a scent on trail. The guys were very efficient at bagging today, and we were able to get almost all of our food bagged, and moved to our dehydrator site. 

Tomorrow we have a long paddle planned starting at 9:00 AM. Should be a great time!

10 days until we leave!