There was a full slate of activities for the boys today! We first met at Savers to buy some trail clothes. For trail shirts we are looking for material that is not 100% cotton. Savers or other discount retailers often have great options! We then moved out to base camp where we practiced setting up tarps. Everyday we will be setting up a tarp to protect our packs from the elements. To set up a tarp we need to use all of the knots we have been practicing for the past couple weeks. The boys learned how to do set the tarp up, and then put up their own tarp which Far North Guide Austin then critiqued. For their first tarp, the boys did really well! We then learned how to pack the kettle pack. The kettle pack holds all of our crew's equipment for our trip. Packing it takes skill, and it is a skill that the guys developed today. We ended the day with a paddle obstacle course on the river! Busy day, and an even busier one tomorrow with Beef Jerky Day on the docket! We are meeting at 7:30 AM at a house in South Saint Cloud!

13 Days Until We Leave!