Today was Ditty Bag Day! We, the crew and our awesome volunteers, met at the Ebel residence to cut and sew our ditty bags. The ditty bags are small fabric bags that hold our personal belongings, such as books, journals, toothbrushes, floss etc.. We also sewed our paddle bags to protect our paddles on the bus ride up to Canada. It was great to see each of the guys at work behind a sewing machines, and the crew quickly began churning out beautiful ditty bags. Thanks to all of our volunteers for assisting our somewhat lackluster sewing skills! Special thanks to the Ebel family for providing us a space and food throughout the day!

After ditty bags, we moved out to Base Camp and went for a paddle! It was beautiful weather, and we celebrated a successful day of sewing with some J-leaning! Overall, a great day for the Wensman Crew. Crew meeting tomorrow at 10:00. We are meeting at Savers to get some trail clothes!