Just ended a fun day of J-Leaning! Today was spent playing the J-Lean game. This game involves trying to fill the canoe up with water without tipping it over. The strategy is to use high and low brace strokes (ask your sons to explain these to you!) to tilt the canoe and take on water. The trick is to not tilt the canoe so far over that the canoe dumps. It is great fun, and we were able to play the game in a shallow part of the Mississippi at Base Camp. There were smiles aplenty and everyone had a great time. We even had a few successful J-Leans by the end of the day!

When paddling, we also are working on keeping the canoe going in a straight line. We still have some work to do on our J-strokes (the tricky correctional stroke used to paddle straight), but I'm seeing tremendous progress, and am very excited to see what our crew can do in a couple short weeks!

We have an off day tomorrow, and then on Sunday we start a busy week with ditty bag day at 2:00 PM at the Ebel household!