Yesterday our crew met at the Boot Shack to get our boots for trail! Clayton and Isaac, who were ahead of the game and already got their boots went to our dehydrating site and bagged some green beans and put on some baked beans. Meanwhile, our crew got the VIP treatment from Kevin, the owner of the Boot Shack. He talked us through the foot measurement process, and even gave us a tour of his boot warehouse, which is quite expansive! After everyone purchased their boots we moved back out to Base Camp to go over our route with Fred. He was excited about our route, but recommended that we add some more difficult portages to the beginning of our trip. We our going to reroute the beginning of the trip and then move forward with officially submitting our route!

Today the crew is coming out in parts to paddle and play the J-Lean game. More on what this game is and how paddling goes later today!