It's a pretty exciting time to be a Voyageur! Today the Wensman Crew competed in the fifth annual Crew Olympics! The guys competed in four events: paddling obstacle course, portaging race, kettle pack packing race, and tarp-set up. Our crew performed very well in all events, showing that we are getting close to being ready for trail! After a successful crew olympics, we breaked for the afternoon and re-met at Base Camp at 6:30 for our crew sleepover! We started by bagging up our dehydrated hamburger and then learned how to orient our maps and bush crash usin a map and compass. After that we got out on the water for a sunset paddle. We then moved down the road to the Nemeth Household for our crew sleepover! Currently typing this blog in the basement and about to join in on some games before we head to bed! A full and fun day for the crew to be sure! 

6 More Days Until We Leave!