It was a full baking day for the Wensman crew, filled with unexpected events! To begin, a storm knocked out the power in Sartell, rendering the ovens at our baking site (the Nemeth household) unusable until 3:30. To kill time, we made our crew hot chocolate and Bannock Bread mix. Bannock is bread that we bake on trail, so the only prep we have to do is mix the powder; no ovens required. Next, we went out to Base Camp to practice putting up tents and packing the kettle pack until the power came back on. Lo and behold, about an hour after arriving at Base Camp, the power was restored, and we hightailed it back to the Nemeth's to finish our baking day. The last part of the day consisted of cooking our hamburger and baking our Bay Bread. Bay Bread is a bread that we eat as a part of lunch on trail, and it essentially looks like a big granola bar. It was a long day, but we successfully ended with all of our Bay Bread, Bannock, and meat ready to go. BIG thank you to the Nemeths for helping out in so many ways throughout the day. Another thanks to the Halstroms for helping provide us lunch! Big day tomorrow with Crew Olympics coming up. Will post tomorrow night with the exciting results!