Tonight our crew had our first real skills meeting of the year! We gathered at base camp to get acquainted with the location and go over the rules of base camp. We discussed always driving slow on Pine Point Road and keeping base camp clean. With lots of crews using base camp to plan their trip, keeping the building organized is a top priority! We learned two knots tonight: the square knot and the double half hitch. Ask your son to tell you what these knots are and what they are used for! Every crew-member successfully tied each knot, which was great to see. We then moved inside and set-up our maps. The boys did a great job figuring out which maps go next to each other, and after all the maps were set up we took a look at our starting point, resupply point, and exit point. Can't wait to fill start filling in a route between these landmarks! After looking at maps, we did a cleaning of base camp. We will always leave base camp cleaner than we found it for the next crew. The boys also tried on some rain jackets and pants tonight to get sizes down. They should be ready to turn in the equipment order forms by May 6th! Overall a great meeting. Looking forward to a great summer with an awesome crew!