On Thursday our crew met to set up our dehydrating site at the Halstrom Residence. We moved our dehydrator into their basement and set up a nice, clean workspace to use for preparing our food. The boys brought cutting boards, knives, and paper towels, and, after washing our hands, we immediately got to work drying and cutting pears to put on the dehydrator. Cycling between positions of drying, cutting, and placing pears on the dehydrator, the work got done in no time! We will be at the Halstrom's a lot throughout the next three weeks putting food on to be dehydrated and bagging up the dried food. We discussed the importance of keeping the dehydrator site clean. A clean dehydrator site is crucial to keeping our food clean and being respectful to the Halstrom's for letting us use their space.

After dehydrating we got our maps out and began the route planning process. Starting at Wallace Lake, the boys started measuring our how far we will paddle each day and what rivers and lakes to use in our quest to get the the Berens River Village (our departure site) by Day 26. Through this process it was determined that we will be paddling the Pigeon River into Lake Winnipeg to end our trip! The Pigeon is a fantastic river for paddling and should have plenty of adventures for our crew to experience on the second half of our trip. That's all for now, we have a meeting tomorrow for some early morning paddling practice!

23 Days Until We Leave!