What a day for the Wensman Crew! We gathered at 6:30 at Base Camp and immediately jumped into tying knots. Everybody tied every knot today which was fantastic to see! There were also some very taut truckers hitch knots tied. The trucker's hitch is an extremely useful knot that forms the ridge line of our tarps. It's great to see the guys get the hang of this complicated series of knots. The highlight of our evening was getting out on the water for our first paddling day! After going over the different strokes used to propel the canoe, we practiced our strokes on the dock (but it didn't go anywhere). Then we put canoes in the water and practiced manipulating the boat while attached to the dock, just getting used to the way that the canoe moves in the water. Then we pushed off the dock and paddled into open water! The boys did great for their first time paddling, and we made our way up river for a while before switching paddling positions and returning to the dock. This was a great first paddling adventure for our crew and everybody is excited for many more. That's all for now, I'm staying at Base Camp tonight and getting ready for Med training tomorrow. Chao!