Today the crew gathered at Base Camp for some portaging practice. Little did we know it would be raining during our meeting! This meant that we were able to practice flipping wet canoes and portaging in less-than-ideal conditions. It was excellent! On trail it will not always be sunny, and things won't always be going our way, so it's good to work on our skills in all types of conditions. We did our first portage of the year, portaging the canoes in pairs about 600 meters and then switching out partners. It wasn't easy, but everybody did a great job flipping and portaging! 

We then headed inside and out of the rain to create our menu. Given options of a wide variety of meals, our crew debated one another on which types of food to bring on the trip. In the end, we put together a nice selection of food, and we even have a serving of vegetables for every day! 

We also sanded our paddles today. Everybody's paddle needs a bit more sanding before it's ready to be painted, but we got a great start on them. We want to sand the paddles until no varnish can be seen glinting off the paddle when its held up to the light. 

That's all for tonight. Will see all the parents tomorrow at the parent meeting!