Today was a big day for the Wensman crew! We had our first canoe-flipping session! Canoe-flipping is the process of getting the 80 pound canoe of the ground and onto one's shoulders for portaging. After walking through the parts of the canoe and the different steps that go into properly flipping the canoe, we broke into pairs to practice. The crew far exceeded my expectations, and everyone had a great time getting used to the feeling of the canoe on their shoulders. This is important, as we will spend a large amount of time on trail portaging between lakes and around rapids. 

We also spent our meeting practicing more knots and going over some things we want to include in our trip. The boys say they want to do some cliff jumping, rapid shooting, long portages, fishing, and to travel to some rarely seen parts of Canada. We've got a lot of things to pack into our trip, but I feel confident we can hit every one of our route goals! We finally talked about what qualities make a good crew member, and expectations for crew members and guides. A full and productive meeting to be sure! 

 35 days until we leave!