To begin I apologize for the lack of blogging, it has been a hectic and exciting couple weeks with all the activities we have been doing. The boys have been busy learning their new skills and refining some skills such as portaging and paddling. This week we have had a few big days and tomorrow is the crew olympics! Monday was baking day at Sam's house and that went very nicely. During that we cooked our Hudson Bay bread and hamburger, we also mixed our bannock and hot chocolate and bagged all of that up to be brought with us for food. The hamburger has been dehydrated and bagged and we are currently working on dehydrating the beef jerky from Wednesday's beef Jerky day. So on Tuesday we had our food packing day, our dress theme was patriotic and dang were we looking good. During that day we bagged up all of the food that is purchased and just needed to be sealed with our bagging method for waterproofing and bear-proofing. Some of the items we bagged included rice, noodles, desserts, soup bases, toilet paper, and much much more. Wednesday morning was our beef jerky day. The boys were tasked with cutting up steak and removing all the fat from our jerky slices. After it was cut into nice jerky pieces it was put into marinade to give it some delicious flavoring. The boys did a great job and we went to the dehydrator right after that to get our first batch on the dehydrator. We should be finished with dehydrating the jerky Saturday then only have a couple more items to dehydrate before we can clean up Sam's shed and inventory all the food. Today we spent entirely on skills. The boys spent some time practicing packing the kettle pack, flipping canoes, portaging, paddling, and setting up a tarp. Every day I see the boys making leaps and bounds with their skills and becoming better crew mates. Tomorrow will be another exciting day with the crew olympics in the morning and then we will drive down to Emery's in the afternoon to have our crew sleepover before doing some yard work for Emery's family Saturday Morning. I will be driving one of the Voyageur vans down with all the boys so carpooling will be a breeze. I'm excited for tomorrow and hopeful the boys will be hoisting the olympic paddle in the air after we sweep a win in every event! Big things to come and I couldn't be more excited to be guiding such a fun and energetic group of young men!