Hello parents and boys! Base camp and the guides have been very busy getting everything we need prepared, as well as learning and mastering any skills we might need for the coming trip. The boys are coming along nicely with their skills we have learned so far. Our last two meetings we have learned a few new skills and been putting them to work. The boys are now able to flip the canoe on their shoulders and they all have portaged a little ways down pine point road. Portaging is a skill that one can never master so the more we can practice that pre-trip, the better! I've been encouraging the boys to come out and portage without me to get as much practice as they can. The next skill we have been making good headway on are knots. We have learned the basic knots we will be utilizing on a daily basis during our trip, the bowline, two-half hitches, the square knot, the taut line, and the truckers hitch. The boys have been doing a good job with those but still need to get comfortable with each one of those before we leave on June 17th. When school is out the boys and I are going to be very busy. We will be meeting nearly every week day leading up to the trip and doing some activities as well to accomplish all the skill education and practice necessary. Events coming up are the parent meeting this Friday, May 25th and a crew meeting this Sunday, May 27th. I am looking forward to both of those and can't wait to see how the boys handle their first paddling lesson. 26 days before w're off!