The LVI season has officially been kicked off! Since my last post we've gotten to work getting the trip rolling. Our first crew meeting came just hours before the parent meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings. That brief first meeting went very well. I learned quickly that this summer is going to be full of fun and adventure. The meeting came to an end much faster than I expected, before I knew it I was running late for the parent meeting! Thankfully one of the guys, Sam I believe, (I really need to work on remembering everyones name) saved the day and grabbed my card so I could leave early. 

Following our meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings, the boys headed to Cathedral afterwards for the parent meeting. Believe it or not, this was my first parent meeting as a guide. I was unable to make last years. The parent meeting was full of many different emotions ranging from fear and excitement to even envy from some parents. I hope many of the parents questions were able to be answered there, if not please feel free to contact me. The next time I will see all of the parents will be at our crew's parent meeting. This has yet to be scheduled. In the mean time if any parent is willing to be the crew coordinator please contact me. 

Our second meeting was a brief meeting out at basecamp. Being that it was our first meeting there, I gave the guys a little slack on being late. Next time anyone's late, they will have 10 push-ups for every minute they are late. Hopefully we won't have to worry about that in the future! To start the meeting after everyone was there, we took a tour of basecamp and went over some rules as well. While we were out there the boys got to try on some of the clothing off the equipment order, as well as ask questions about what they should order and what they probably don't need. Any further questions about the equipment order please contact me ASAP, it is due this Friday to Fred. The boys also got to sand their paddle varnish off to prepare them for their painting. The guys that brought their pictures or printed them for the reformatory were able to leave them at basecamp for Fred to bring to the reformatory. Session 1's deadline for the reformatory is also this Friday.

Our next meeting will be Saturday at 5 PM. Rain or shine we will be outside learning a new skill. 40 days to go!