The past week has been a busy one! On Tuesday, we went to Cathedral and packed all of our food. It is a tradition in Voyageurs that crews dress up in costumes on Food Packing day. This year, our crew decided to dress up as packed food and it was a hit! Ryan Strack even voted us "Best Dressed" for the day! (Well, he put us on the Facebook page, so that's pretty much the same thing, right?) 

Because this wasn't our first food packing day, the girls were super efficient and we were finished packing 40 days worth of food before lunch time! We enjoyed Jimmy John's sandwiches courtesy of the Buchholz family (Thank you!) before heading back inside to help the first year crews finish up their food packing. There really is nothing quite like sucking all the air out of various food items (especially when you accidentally inhale a powdered food).

Then, we had another early morning on Wednesday- Beef Jerky Day. We decided to get there before the other crews so that we could get a head start since we had more jerky to make. We kicked off our Wednesday with raw meat on our hands at 6:30 am sharp. We powered through and were finished at 9:30 am. 

We took care of a bunch of miscellaneous tasks around base camp and got things squared away on Friday. 

Then, on Saturday, we woke up early and started our van trip up to the St. Louis River in Scanlon, MN. We paddled through some big whitewater (much bigger than the Sauk River has to offer...) The girls were AWESOME! Everyone gained perspective on how big rivers flow and also gained confidence in their paddling abilities. 

This week we've got some things coming up: equipment shakedown, packing, and the family BBQ. Then it's the last supper and we're off and running toward a summer of adventure! 

5 more days!