After many options and ideas, we've finally decided on a route for our Far North Expedition this summer! We have decided on the Hanbury-Thelon route, and are SO excited about it! We will drive from St. Cloud to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, take a float plane to Artillery Lake, paddle the Hanbury-Thelon Rivers, ending at Baker Lake, Nunavut. From Baker Lake, we will take a commercial flight to Winnipeg, Manitoba and drive back to St. Cloud. 

It is going to be quite the adventure! We've met twice already and... though it doesn't feel like it because of all of the snow we continue to accumulate... summer will be here before we know it! We will begin our preparations in full swing when the girls start coming back to St. Cloud in early May. Our focus will be heavily on whitewater paddling, as the girls already know how to do much of the other stuff. 

As spring gets closer, look for an email about the parent meeting. There are a few events up on the calendar already and I will continue to add as we get schedules figured out! 

Cheers to another summer filled with adventure! Looking forward to sharing it with you!

-Mary Spethmann