Dry Land and Menu

This past weekend we had our first meeting. We went over some basic white water terms and paddle strokes that we will use to navigate the Parent and Coppermine River safely this summer. We will be using those strokes and skills constantly when we are on the river, and it is a practice we will learn to perfect. 

Late in the meeting we planned our menu. Many of the kids had a pretty good idea of what they like and disliked from their previous trips. This allowed for the menu to be planned quickly. The biggest issue for most of the kids was just to make sure we have enough food as they all have the memory of constant hunger from their hard working creating such high caloric needs. 

We will be hitting the river this week and begin to use the skills we learned and put them into real practical use. It will be fun to see the Mississippi after this week of rain. It should provide pretty realistic practice for the upcoming summer. I am looking forward to getting things really moving, as school ends for most of the kids.


Coppermine Crew and Family

Hi everyone,

I first want to start with saying how excited I am to be guiding this crew over the summer. A Far North trip for these guys will be an incredible experience.

To introduce myself, I am Austin Mareck. This will be my third summer guiding with Les Voyageurs inc. and my 5th trip with the program. In 2013, I was a member of a Far North crew that also did the Coppermine River. I am finishing up my last two weeks of nursing school down in Omaha at Creighton University. I will be arriving back in St. Cloud the second week of May. At that point, preparation begins. I know the guys have already started to plan out dehydrating. I love seeing the initiative being taken.

Once again, I cannot express how excited I am to spend a summer with these guys. I have heard nothing but great things about each one of them and I know it will be a summer to remember. Please, if you have any questions or concerns at any point, feel free to reach out to me. My email and phone number are listed on the page. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting this summer started.