The girls had a crazy week; you may have noticed your daughters' complete absence from home or the entire crew sleeping on your front porch. 

Last weekend they had a crew sleepover at basecamp. Some of the girls portaged down a portion of Pine Point; they learned 5 paddling strokes; practiced pivoting, side-passing, and turning their canoes using those strokes; put together their first draft of a route; learned how to put up their tents; went for a morning paddle at 5:30am; and kicked-off their food dehydrating. And they managed all of that in about 20 hours!

The week brought more excitement with boot and trail clothes shopping on Monday. They found some stellar floral-print, 100% silk, button-up shirts and throw-back windbreakers. Kate Bowe made a heartfelt, rare gift while we made our beef jerky on Tuesday. Allie kept us all busy and organized packing food on Thursday, and Kate Tomczik made us all look good doing it (wait until you see the pineapple dance that Fred caught in a video). And I'm sure they're gearing up now for their high-stakes Crew Olympics in the morning!