We tackled our first day of canoe flipping today, rain and all! All the girls did a great job with flipping (get low, get low), but also with encouraging each other and spotting the flippers. Even though they all got pretty tired and a little bruised before we finished, Allie, Alyssa, and Morgan got to the step just before the final flip, and Rachel and Tomczik got the canoe onto their shoulders! After a few more practices, they'll be portaging like pros.

Canoe flipping is one of the first tasks a crew learns together. It's awkward and unstable for everybody at first, but some people struggle with it more than others. It's not always predictable - and never important - who struggles more and who picks it up quickly. What is important is how the ones who pick up the skill quickly treat and help those who don't. By that measure, this crew is looking mighty fine.

We also learned a few knots today (square knot, double half hitch, taughtline, and bowline - see if your daughter still remembers how to tie and use each of them!). We might still be lost in a mess of 4's and bunnies and trees, but we'll keep practicing ;)