Welcome new Voyageurs!!

Thinking about what Les Voyageurs means to me, and thinking about you embarking on that journey - an entirely new adventure for you - just plain gives me chills. Allie, Alyssa, Emily, Kate (x2), Missy, Morgan and Rachel: I'm incredibly excited to get to know you, watch you grow closer to each other, celebrate the first time you flip a canoe by yourself, struggle through gnarly bushcrashes together, and laugh until our bellies ache at some joke that only we will understand. Trust me, it's going to be great! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your LVI expedition!

And parents! Thanks for everything you've done to prepare your daughters for this trip. I'm excited to share their progress with you via this blog as they prepare food and gear, learn how to paddle and portage, and create bonds with each other. I hope to also offer you answers and assurance for any of your questions or concerns. I'm looking forward to meeting you as our crew invades (neatly and quietly, of course) some of your houses for gatherings, food dehydrating, and packing for trail!

I can't wait to meet you all this weekend at the Parent Meeting, and then to start scheduling crew activities in the third week of May! Voyageurs, take time to fully embrace each step of this process because they're all oh-so-sweet. 

Peace and warmth,