Hi everyone!

It has been a busy week with many fun events where we continued to learn new skills and improve on the ones that we have learned so far. This week has also been full of fun times hanging out with the crew! On Thursday, we started out at the Januschka’s house where we setup our dehydrating site. We went over how the dehydrating process works by starting with our peaches. We strained them, rinsed them off, dried them, cut them, then put them on the trays to go into the dehydrator. We cruised through the six cans of peaches and had a good time listening to some country music while we were doing it. The girls have been checking in on the food over the past 24 hours and they have most of them bagged by now. Next up, we will be dehydrating our pears and pineapple. Meg, our dehydrating manager, put together a schedule for the girls to follow that rotates who is checking on the food in the dehydrator so that the work is distributed evenly throughout the crew.

After we had put all the peaches in the dehydrator, some of us headed back to base camp to work on various skills before Crew Olympics. While we were there, the girls set up a tarp on their own and did a great job! We also went paddling for a while and everyone’s strokes looked amazing for it only being their second time paddling. We were very impressed with their paddling skills, especially the use of their J strokes.

Today, we had Crew Olympics where all the crews competed against each other in four different categories that included portaging, paddling, packing a kettle pack, and setting up a tarp. The girls did an awesome job throughout the day! They were the only crew that didn’t have to redo their tarp during the competition and people were very impressed with their paddling skills considering they had only been on the water one or two times. Although we didn’t win, we are still super proud of the girls and the skills that they showed today! :) We can’t wait to keep refining their skills and learning new ones before we leave for trail. Only 34 days before we leave!! Have a great weekend everyone.

Your Guides,

Nicole and Sara