Hello all!

Nicole and I would like to thank the parents for coming to the parent meeting this past Sunday, we enjoyed seeing everyone again. Your help throughout this summer means a lot to us and does not go unnoticed!

We had a busy past two days filled with new skills and fun times! First off, yesterday, the weather finally permitted us to go paddling on the water for the first time. The girls had fun putting the strokes that we learned on land to action in the water. Everyone got a chance to practice both stern and bow strokes so the girls could get a proper introduction into the dynamics of how tandem canoeing works. Everyone had smiles on their faces, especially when learning how to gunwale walk, which is a technique used to switch bow and stern paddlers.

Later on, the girls got a brief run through of how to set up a tarp. At Crew Olympics this Friday, the girls will be judged on their ability to set up a tarp so Nicole and I wanted to show them the correct and most efficient way to do it.

After our meeting, the girls ran to Walmart to make their costumes for food packing day! Our theme/costumes were “Fruit Ninja”, so the girls dressed up as various fruits and the guides dressed up as ninjas.

Overall, today went really well! We have a good chunk of the food we are taking on our trip double bagged and ready to be packed. The girls had a lot of food to bag up, but they managed to get it all done efficiently while still having fun and sharing laughs along the way.

Your Guides,

Sara and Nicole