Hello again friends and family,


Yesterday we had another long but successful day. It was our baking day and our crew spent all day in the Tadych family’s kitchen. Thank you again to the Tadych’s for volunteering their house to host! We made Hudson Bay Bread, which is in an essence a large granola bar that we eat almost every day for lunch. We also have beef jerky, fruit, some kind of nut, and a candy bar at lunch. On days that we do not eat Hudson Bay Bread, we eat bannock which is a mix between a bread and a cake that we make on trail. The girls made the dry ingredients for this dish so when we make it on trail all we have to do is add water and any flavorings the girls want.

The girls also made our world-famous hot chocolate and bagged it up so it is all ready for trail. The last thing we made was the hamburger for our trip. The girls had some flashbacks to beef jerky day and got grossed out right away, but they warmed up to it quickly. We cooked the meat and then the girls put it on the dehydrator straight away once we finished up. The girls were very efficient with their time and had a lot of fun creating different flavors for Bay Bread.

Today the girls got up early and headed out to basecamp so we could meet with Fred to go over our route. After Fred left, we showed the girls how to find the coordinates for our potential campsites and started to get closer to finalizing our route. We then headed out to go portage as a crew.

Nicole and I are so proud of how far the girls have come and cannot wait to head out to Canada!

Only 15 more days!

Your Guides,

Sara and Nicole