Hi everyone!

We just wanted to give you a quick update on the crew’s last couple days together. On Monday evening, we had our crew sleepover at Base Camp. While we were there we finished our first (rough) draft of our route, went paddling, made some chocolate covered strawberries, and had a bonfire. In the morning we made a breakfast of eggs and bacon using the stoves we bring on trail, it was delicious! We had so much fun as a crew hanging out and getting to spend more time together. Every time we have a meeting, Sara and I get more excited to be with your girls on trail, they are doing so great!

In the morning, we went for another paddle and were joined by the Brew/Kuhn Crew. The girls were able to meet some new friends and have a good time paddling with different people. While they were out on the water, they played some canoes game too which made for a fun morning.

Today was another big day for the crew because it was beef jerky day. The whole morning the girls were cutting up pieces of meat that will be used to make our beef jerky. They had to cut off all the fat from the meat (to prevent it from getting moldy on trail), cut it into slices, and put it in a bucket to marinade. After they were done with this process, they went to the dehydrator site and put the meat on the dehydrator! It was a full morning but the girls worked efficiently to get everything done.

Only 22 days until we leave! :)

Your Guides,

Nicole and Sara