Hey Everyone!


This past Thursday and Friday we had very eventful meetings! To start out on Thursday, we went for a portage! The last time the girls portaged was at the Crew Olympics, so for our meeting, we had the girls go farther than they had gone before. They all did an excellent job with it and impressed both me and Nicole for getting through it.

After the portage, we went upstairs and had the girls made a list of attributes they think a voyageur should have. This was a great exercise for the girls to set goals for themselves and their crewmates. Once we finished with that, we went right into route planning. Kayla Fritz is our Maps/Route manager so she led the conversations and decisions made with the girls regarding where we wanted to go and what we want to include. By the end of our meeting, all of the girls were getting excited about our route and leaving for our trip!

The next morning we all headed out to Kimball to Steve Merten’s office space to have our Ditty Bag Day! Thanks to our gracious volunteers Shirley Janu, Mary Januschka, Kris Tadych, Ruth Larson, and Janel Honer for sharing their skills and sewing machines! The girls got to sew together their ditty bags that hold their smaller items in their personal packs like headlamps, hair brushes, journals and much more. The girls also sewed together their paddle bags which hold their paddle for the bus ride up to Canada to prevent them from getting scratched. It was a very successful day that went very quickly due to the girl’s hard work and focus on their tasks!

Thanks to all who helped us have another successful week of preparation!

Only 24 more days till we leave!

Your Guides,

Sara and Nicole