Hey everyone!

Our last two meetings were full of learning new skills and the girls did awesome! On Monday night, we started out by learning paddling basics on land which included power strokes, j strokes, c strokes, draws, and cross draws. Along with learning the different motions for the strokes, the girls were taught how each stroke moves the canoe. After paddling basics, we started to flip canoes and during the middle of this, it started to rain. The girls were such troopers and wanted to stay in the rain to practice flipping when the canoe was wet which was very impressive! Because of the storms, we moved onto learning how to tie some knots. These knots included the square knot, the bowlin, the double-half hitch, and the taut line. Again, the girls did a great job with this skill.

On Tuesday night, we started out our meeting by reviewing the knots that we learned at our last meeting. Everyone remembered how to tie them and what they are used for. After practicing for a little while, we taught the girls how to pack the kettle pack. The kettle pack is one of the large red packs that we bring on the trip and it holds a lot of our equipment like cooking utensils, pots, stoves, a grill, an oven, and more. Sara and I were very impressed with the girl’s first time getting it packed, it looked great! To end our meeting, we worked on flipping and portaging. The girls had a pretty long first portage but they did awesome! They are all excited to continue working on both flipping and portaging in the future. With every meeting, we are becoming more prepared for crew olympics!

Just a reminder that we have our parent meeting this Sunday, June 3rd at 7:00 pm. We are excited to see you all there. Thanks!

Your Guides,

Nicole and Sara