Hello all!


Tonight our meeting consisted of talking through our crew goals and objectives for the trip followed by menu planning. To talk about our crew goals for the trip, the girls anonymously wrote down what their crew goals and personal goals were. Then Sara and I said the crew goals out loud so that everyone could hear the different thoughts and perspectives. The girls then got to keep their personal goals for themselves to reflect on before we leave.  This was a cool activity since we got to hear what everyone wanted out of their trip and what they hope to accomplish for our crew. This was a good lead into talking about different parts that can be included in a Voyageurs trip. These include whitewater, bush crashing, cliff jumping, and more. The girls were super excited to hear about these different options and are looking forward to our next route planning meeting to put those ideas onto paper.

For the second half of the meeting, the girls planned out the menu for the entire trip. The food manager, Danyelle, helped organize everything and get our orders in at Base Camp. It was exciting for the girls to see all the options on the menu and to talk about the variety of meals we make on trail. Overall, it was a great meeting and we are super excited about our upcoming meetings. We are having a bunch of fun with our crew and can’t wait to grow even closer before our trip.

Your Guides,

Nicole and Sara