Hello all!

First off, Nicole and I would like to thank the Januschka’s for being our crew coordinators and for helping plan when we will be having our parent meeting. This will be on Sunday, June 3 at 7:00 pm at Base Camp. The Januschka’s sent out an email earlier this week with more information so be sure to check your email and please send a reply email letting us know if you are able to go (there has to be at least 1 parent of each girl at the meeting, 2 parents are preferred).

To begin our meeting, the girls were given their pre-trip jobs which will give them different leadership positions before we head off on trail. These jobs include food manager, special events manager, dehydrating manager, contact/meeting manager, skills manager, maps manager and equipment manager.

After that, we gave the girls a stack of maps and let them figure out how to correctly align them. This was quite challenging at first but with teamwork, the girls got all of the maps to fit together. While they were doing this, they used a different method that took more time so, once they were done, we taught them an easier way to put the maps together.

Then we moved out to the canoe racks to teach the girls the different parts of the canoe. We also taught them how to properly flip a canoe onto their shoulders for portaging. This was broken down into multiple steps that helped the girls feel comfortable leading up to actually putting the canoe on their shoulders. Everyone did a great job with these steps and flipping overall. We were really impressed and we are excited to work on it more in the future too!

Only 49 more days until we leave!

Your Guides,

Sara and Nicole