Hello again!

Tonight our crew went to Savers to shop for some of our trail clothes! While we were there we were looking for long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, trail pants, camp pants, running shorts, and windbreakers. Since we went there fairly early, there were still a lot of options and everyone was able to find some of the clothes that they needed. All the girls helped each other find different options and we could tell that the excitement was building as they got to pick out the clothes they will wear every day on trail. Overall, it was a very successful shopping trip! We were sad that Emma and Danyelle couldn’t join us tonight but it will be fun to help them find their trail clothes in the near future too. Our next crew meeting will be a week from today (Tuesday, May 22) at 6:30 pm at Base Camp. We are super excited about the upcoming meetings and for the girls to learn some new skills. Also, just a reminder that this Saturday, May 19 is Base Camp clean-up day, we would love to see everyone there.

Your Guides,

Nicole and Sara