Tonight was the night, the first official meeting at Basecamp!

We started off our meeting by going on a tour of Basecamp and all of its glory. We walked down the trail to the river and I (Sara) got to show the girls all of the different ways we keep basecamp clean because this will be our second home this summer!

After the tour, we rolled up our sleeves and started to sand our paddles to get them ready to paint. We were aided by our wonderful Basecamp Manager, Greta Trigg, where we shared what we were thinking of putting on our paddles and some laughs along the way as well.

We then started to go over the equipment list and the girls got to try on different sizes of gear they can get through LVI. We also got to facetime Nicole while we were doing this, so she could be a part of our meeting, even though she is in the Twin Cities! Remember to submit your equipment sheets by Friday, May 4th either on an Excel Spreadsheet or a Google Docs form!

After the meeting tonight, Nicole and I can tell we have an incredible group of girls and we cannot wait for our summer together to start!

Lastly parents, if you have any questions do not be afraid to text, call, or email us!

Sara’s phone: 507-456-1401


Nicole’s phone: 320-249-0180


Your Guides,

Sara and Nicole