For the past few weeks, the crew has had several meetings to determine our route for trail. We brainstormed all of the things we want to see and do. Led by our Route Manager, Mara, we began pinning down our route. Once we met with Fred and got some tips from him, we learned how to use something called UTMs (Universal Transverse Mercator system — similar to latitude & longitude) to measure our exact location of where we plan to camp each night.

Here's our game plan:

We'll start on Wallace Lake then paddle north. By the end of the first week, we plan to get on the Gammon River where we hope to be able to shoot some rapids. From there we're going to jump on the Bloodvein river where we might be able to swim through 4th of July Falls if the water levels are favorable. Next, we plan to do a night paddle where we may even get to see the Northern Lights if we're lucky. After this paddle, we'll be on Lake Sasaginnigak to get our resupply of food and our much-anticipated care packages. Then, we'll exit Lake Sass via a Voyageurs-named portage known as "Little Sass." The girls wanted to experience a floating bog and loon shit (picture mud that's the consistency of cold oatmeal) — this may be where they'll find some! For the second half of the trip, the girls thought it would be cool to venture to more remote regions where fewer crews have gone. At this point of the trip, they decided that it would be awesome to do a Voyageur morning. This entails getting out of camp in less than an hour (our typical goal is 2 hours) and on the water before the sun rises. It would be so cool if we could pull it off! This will take place as we head east via Family Lake (awww) toward Malette Lake, where we'll be doing our solo and trio days. From there, we'll be finishing up our last couple days of our Voyageur experience by paddling into McCusker from the east side.

After our meeting with Fred, the girls our really excited about our route. We've got good variety between rivers and rapids, and big and little lakes, and varying terrain as well. I'm really looking forward to the map literally being brought to life as we experience it day-by-day on trail!

Now officially less than 10 days until we leave!!!