On Tuesday, we had Beef Jerky day. This is a day where all 12 of the crews for this summer get together to cut up their strips of beef jerky to dehydrate for trail. For most of our blogs for now up until we leave, the girls will each get to write a blog of their own. Here's a synopsis of Beef Jerky day from our first celebrity blogger, Priccilla:

"Today we started out the day by mentally preparing for very cold hands and getting a little bloody touching raw meat. We set up all of our cutting boards and knives at our table. Then the guides walked by and placed a huge slab of sliced meat on our table. We then proceeded to cut the fat off of the meat and cut the good meat into strips to make the jerky. With the rest of the fat and leftover meat, we separated it into a "fat bucket" and a "hamburger bucket." This is the part that took the longest — and you hoped that when a guide came by to check your buckets to make sure they weren't poorly sorted, they wouldn't dump yours out and have you start all over. Luckily our fat bucket only got dumped twice in the beginning.

Then out of nowhere someone decided to dedicate a chunk of meat to another person there. This then led to us dedicating a piece of meat cut into a heart to another boys crew, asking them out on a crew date (for June 15!). They obviously agreed, we are quite the charmers.

As we cut the meat, we put the good pieces in a bin to marinate. The smell was amazing. It made us very hungry, but luckily Carlie's mom, Natalie, brought us some very yummy sandwiches and chips. We appreciated that the drinks were in cartons by the way (so we could use them to bag our bay bread on baking day). After cleaning up we headed over to the dehydrating site. We pulled out our pears and bagged those, then placed some of the marinated meat on trays to begin dehydrating. Again, it smelled great. After that, we cleaned up the site and that concluded our day."  

Overall, the girls had an awesome attitude throughout the day and had a lot of fun at the dehydrator site together.

T-9 days until we leave!