Cooking on trail is a very unique part of Voyageurs. Crews can cook just about anything on trail that they could cook at home — chicken noodle soup with dumplings, pizza, apple pie, Jello, you name it. As a crew the girls sat down and, led by our food manager, Priccilla, planned everything they wanted to bring on trail (and the amounts). Once on trail, each night the head and assistant chefs will then "open up the kitchen cupboards" and decide what to make for dinner. Usually it's not long after lunch before people start dreaming up what to make — especially once they've got their trail stomachs! haha

We made sure that our trail birthdays (Liz and Mara!) got to pick out what cakes they would want on their big days. We also made sure to bring extra applesauce, and even tacked prunes on the menu! The girls also decided it would be fun to try some exciting new additions to the menu — brussels sprouts and zucchini!

Mid last week we then set up shop at Jessica's house to be our dehydrator site. Thank you Scott Weber for opening up your home for us! So far we've dehydrated peaches, pineapple, applesauce, and baked beans, and groups of girls have had a couple late nights and early (~3AM) mornings changing trays and bagging food. To prevent animal problems and to prevent the food from rehydrating, all of the food is double bagged and the air is sucked out and tied tightly. The girls soon discovered that bagging the food is much harder that it sounds. We talked about the importance of taking pride in everything you do. Whether it's bagging food, packing the kettle pack, or tying up P-cord, rather than cutting corners and hoping that it's just enough to scrape by, it is important to do everything to the best of your ability so that it's something you can be proud of. The girls should be able to hold up that bag of dehydrated pineapple and say, "That's right, I bagged that! Look at how good this looks!" By always striving to be the best you can be, especially in the face of difficulty, great strides will be made. You'll feel good about yourself and the positive effort you put toward things. And furthermore, you'll inspire others around you to do the same.

 All in all we're making great progress! T-14 days until we leave!!!