Last Thursday we had our Food Packing day! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were our food packs... haha Here's a brief synopsis of the day from our second celebrity blogger Miranda!

"Today was a full day of fun! We started off the day quite early around 8 o’clock at Cathedral and were ready to work hard and get all of our food packing completed. All crews gathered in the cafeteria of the high school and got to work.  As a tradition all crews come to food packing day dressed up to add a little fun and our crew came up with dressing like the Greeks in some fashionable togas! As the day went on our food manager, Priccilla, made sure we were getting everything checked off our list and most importantly, the right amount. To make sure everything is packed tight we all wrap our food in two plastic bags and would suck air out of the bags to make them airtight. Once they are sealed and pass Ellie’s inspection, they are checked off of the list and thrown in the appropriate bin labeled breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Some things were packed specially, such as the candy which is packed inside the cardboard cartons we’ve been saving. Once the bins were full and we packed as much food as we could, the bins were then brought to the girls’ cars and most of the food is ready to be packed for the trip. And of course we needed to take a crew picture of all us looking fly in our togas:)

After the cleanup at Cathedral and all the food was loaded into some vehicles, we made our way to Base Camp around 3:30 pm, where we portaged even farther than before and we really pushed ourselves hard after a long day of food packing. We then placed the canoes in the river where we practiced our strokes and got started getting into the ‘J’ leans.

As we keep going with the preparation and as it nears our departure date, it gets more and more exciting to improve on skills and check some things off of our lists. Bonding really comes into play during these times when we spend the whole day together."

Only 5 days left until the Last Supper!!!