Yesterday the crew met out at Base Camp to discuss goals and expectations for the trip and then learn our first skill — canoe flipping!

In terms of goals and expectations, a couple of big things we covered were being on time and having good communication. We discussed what it means to be an active listener — giving eye contact, not talking while the other person is talking, nodding your head yes or no, and being honest about whether or not you understand or are comfortable things are crucial to good communication. This will be important on trail, especially in situations that may be dangerous, such as whitewater.

Being on time to meetings, reading emails and texts closely, and responding promptly communicate more than just what is on the surface. It tells me, "How confident am I that I can I rely on this person?" Again, these qualities are very important on trail. I am confident that the crew will continue to strive to get better at this.

Other important things the girls covered were being encouraging and having a positive attitude. They did a phenomenal job with this when we went outside to begin canoe flipping. It's no walk in the park flipping an 80-pound canoe, but the girls did awesome giving each other encouragement and tips along the way. One of the biggest things we learned flipping was that it's all in the hips! 3 big hip thrusts go a long way when trying to get a big 17-foot canoe on your shoulders! It's never easy the first time, but practice makes perfect!