Last night the crew came inside from the pouring rain to learn some knots. We learned the square knot (to connect two shorter pieces of parachute cord), the bowline (a non-cinching knot to loop around an object, such as a tree), and three cinching knots (the double-half hitch, the taut line, and the trucker's hitch). We learned that if a knot is a cinching knot, it means you can adjust its tightness. From the double-half hitch, to the taut line (nicknamed the "tater-tot" knot by Priccilla), to the trucker's hitch, these knots progress in how tightly they can cinch.

With our new knowledge of knots, the girls practiced making clotheslines upstairs in Base Camp so that they could dry off their wet rain jackets — a bowline on one end, and a cinching knot on the other. It was pretty cool to be able to put our skills to use in a practical way! I was very impressed with how fast all of the girls picked up the knots and their eagerness to help each other out. Awesome job ladies!

We also were able to get our paddles sanded, so now they are ready to be painted. I'm so excited to see how cool they all turn out!