Packing day part A and B have arrived. Yesterday, the guys packed all the food that they have been working tirelessly to dehydrate and bag. With as much food as we bring on our trip, it is not always easy to fit everything in the first time. The up side of this is that we will most definitely will NOT be going hungry on trail, but the down side is that the guys had to re-pack the packs a couple times to fit everything in neatly. Nonetheless, they got it done! A big thanks to the Faust household for storing our food over the past month and for providing space for us to pack.

Today we will be packing all of the personal packs. Shared between three guys, the personal packs will hold all of the clothes/gear/personal items that everyone brings. Yesterday, we all went through the packing list meticulously to make sure everyone has what they need. Then today we do the easy part of putting everything in the packs.

After today, a big chunk of the final preparations are finished. The remaining week before we leave will be for some final practice of paddling skill, and some trail simulation activities to ensure everyone is well prepared.

As we are coming down the stretch here, please contact mason or I with any questions or concerns that arise. We leave in exactly 1 week from today, and I hope everyone is getting as excited as I am!