Today we managed to tick off one of the last big preparation days before our trip, sewing day. Huge thanks to the Miller's for hosting us and providing dinners, as well as to the grandmothers of Talon, Nolan, and Riah for volunteering their time, talent, and sewing machines. The ladies had their hands full showing the boys the ropes. They managed to make their personal bags for things like their toothbrush, soap, and journals on trail. They also sewed the liners for the pockets on our packs and some managed to make the cases for their paddles. 

Our other meetings have largely been a review of skills that we've previously learned. We've taken long paddles as well as repeatedly set up tarps, packed the kettle pack, and pitched tents. The excitement continues to build as we finish the rest of our food preparation and hone our outdoor skills.

Later this week we'll be having our crew date with the Lain crew, as well as varnishing our paddles at the Faust's