In just three weeks and two days we will be en route to the adventure of a lifetime!! It may seem like a long time but it'll come sooner than you could expect. 

This past weekend we had our crew sleepover. Before the actual sleeping happened we took the boys out on their longest paddle yet. Their strokes and steering abilities are progressing nicely. While we were in the boats we also played a few games, including J-leaning. The objective of a j-lean is to fill your boat with water without tipping using your leaning and bracing abilities. In addition to being fun, it helps the guys get more comfortable in the canoes. Back on dry land we got some more practice tarp setting with the added challenge of a little rain. Under our tarp we taught the guys how to use our camp stoves we bring, and then had a little fun making hot chocolate and cooking fish brought to us by Riah, Eric, and Talon. The sleepover itself was a fun crew bonding experience. 

On Tuesday we took another huge step in our food preparations. Baking Day. Thanks so much to Sandy Faust for allowing us to use the kitchens at St. Mary's and for providing lunch. We spent over 5 hours baking all of our Hudson Bay Bread for the trip. This is a dense, calorie high granola bar like substance that we eat almost every day for lunch. We also prepared our hamburger, hot chocolate, and bannock. These are all staples for us on trail, and with baking day behind us we are nearly completely prepared to leave. The hamburger is in the dehydrator, but when its finished we'll only have a few loose ends to tie up with food preparation. I know my excitement is growing with first session away!!


Check out the photos link for pics of J-leans and baking day.